10 August 2008

Trinity Beach - for Jilly and Ian

Trinity Beach is one of Cairns' "northern beaches", popular with locals, and some of them (especially Palm Cove) having up-market resorts. Our friend Jilly from Menton lived around Cairns for three years, at Trinity Beach. We took a slight detour here on our way back to Cairns from further north to have alook at what it looks like in 2008. We didn't have very long, so a few perfunctory beach shots and the immediate vicinity. Another froiend, Ian, lived at Yorkey's Knob, the next beach along.

Looking north along the beach and the walking path along the Esplanade
Below: Northwards, with Snapper Island off-shore
Below: Looking south. There is a patrolled swimming area between the red and yellow flags (in the distance)

Below: The patrolled swimming section
Below: A reminder that it is unsafe to swim during "stinger season" November to May. Several of the northern beaches have Stinger resistant enclosures designed to keep them out, and increasingly, people choose to swim in "stinger suits" - lycra head-to-toe suits. I used one when we went to the reef, and I'll post a pic of me in it in another entry.

Below: The Esplanade looking north

Below: The Esplanade looking south

Below: Trinity Beach Rd from the beach end. There was quite a party going on at the pub.

Below: The opposite side of Trinity Bay Rd

Below: Typical of the newer style of apartment development. There is a string of holiday apartments looking over the beach.

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