30 September 2008

The Lagoon

In recent times, the Esplanade area has been completely made over, and as well as boardwalks, kids' playgrounds, large swathes of grass and shade trees, barbecues, there is this massive free swimming lagoon, complete with sand beach. It covers 4 hectares, and is open daily between 6am and 10pm, and patrolled by security guards outside those times to prevent damage.The water in the lagoon is sea water, but cleaned and filtered every few hours. No marine 'stingers' can enter the water, so it's safe for swimming all year round (you don't go in coastal water in northern Qld between November and April unless wearing a "stinger suit" to protect against deadly jellyfish). And the beaches and estuaries are crocodile territory as well.

Here's the lagoon throughout the day.

Below: Free fitness activities are held each day. On Thursday mornings it's Pilates

...and on other days, it's other things:

Below: Morning stillness

Below: Mid afternoon

Below: Late afternoon

Below: Night

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