04 October 2008

Cow Bay

After we left the Discovery Centre we headed down the road to Cow BAy beach. Have to say I was a teeny bit apprehensive, given the croc warning signs, and the knowledge that they DO emerge onto beaches at times. The day had fined up - very humid, and overcast, but the downpour had stopped.

Below: A reminder that some rather unpleasant things lurk in the seas in these parts:

Below: Looking north toward the next headland.

Below: Tracks in the sand

Below: A tourist taking a dip in the sea. Coming in to stinger season, so not somethign I was keen to try.

Below: Mangroves and a creek. . .

. . . . which didn't stop these tourists setting up their campervan, and going for a stroll. But after the indelible vision of mangoes and crocs in Cairns, not something I was keen to do.

Below: And eventually we spotted a pair of crocs...

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